Why is the american review saying that it isn't that good and my Australian magazine say it is the sonic boom? It is the same magazine so what is going on around here? This is not a ripoff of super mario. Mario is a beloved character who jumps, sonic is a classic character who runs. These two great characters are very different, you can't  say that one is ripping off the other just because the theme is space. Sonic games have been going downward for ages, and this game is a game that perfects the measure. The 3d roller coasting and 2d platforming are a perfect mix and they got the experience right. The controls are a synch and it is one of the best looking games i've ever seen. The music sounds great with good voice acting and it has a very nice charm and I like how they make fun of the series and make a great game at the same time. Why are rails bad? You might as well hate every rail ever in sonic if you say that. None of the controls are slow on wii and it offer four ways to play.  It has a great sense of when to put in a fun speedy run through a great field and a perfect flip into 2d platforming. 3D platforming in about every 3D game is the worst and they nailed this experience with some of the best things ever. The wisps and there new colour routes are fantastic. Nothing beats being a massive drill as you go through the water and having the best boost system ever. The new routes are great and all the unlockables will keep you around for a long time. Two player co op is a great distraction and everything else is great. This is no ripoff, this a a sonic game that signs a happy ending. So try it out.