I don`t want SEGA making another non-horror game. It`s been a long time since they created a horror game. The only thing I remembered the last time they created one is two years ago called,"Curtain Mansion" ,which I  could n`t understand. By the way,I had a game called, SEGA SUPERSTARS Tennis. Not evenmost of them don`t evan exsisted. Not evan AlexKidd is discovered! But I was wandering," What the HELL is this game anyway!?" When I was on SpaceChannel5. Which it was pretty weird.

There`s another thing I`m wondering about. Every Sonic game they created seems harder than the last. Since I got that Sonic Unleashed game,it`s been pretty hard for me. But I got to admined,SEGA can be smart and tricky.

 But I know SEGA is having a tough time creating video game platforms,but now there creating DreamCast 2. So what`s next? A horror Sonic game?