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  • Blog Post: Sonics greatest game

    This was probably the best sonic game made which is ironic because it was released on the worst sega platform ever made. to its credit it was one of the first cd consols but it had a crappy library of games (mostly piont and click or action games without good controls) and was glitchy as hell. And out... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic CD review: My take

    Starting to wonder if tim is the only person allowed to review sonic games on GI in thier staff *though he did a tad better than that piece of....well you all know what i think of his review before :p but anyway The game is amazing. For a history lesson not many people got to play sonic cd when it was... More
  • Blog Post: An Amazing Game I've Never Tried Out, Sonic CD.

    Since i am a super giant Sonic Fan, this was a Sonic game i didin't try out, but now this one is pretty awesome, even if i missed out getting the CD add-on pack for the Genesis. I have this game on my ipad. I don't know if PSN is going to be online again if i can get Sonic CD for my PS3. Why... More
  • Blog Post: sonic

    This game is the bane of childhood i never finished it i spent hours on it, when i finnally got my hands on it once again almost ten years later i can't believe how fast i was breezing through it i was so happy i was gonna finish it and then....metal sonic, i had heard stories but didn't realise... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic CD ( xbox 360 & ps3 edition)

    A few months ago I had heard of this game's release for the XBOX 360 and the PS3, though I had never played the game before.The only thing I knew about the game was the great opening and ending cutscene. So, I did some research (youtube) and found it was a very good game. To get a good ending, the... More
  • Blog Post: Momentum, Curves, and Rates of Change

    I've always been a huge genesis sonic fan. They are in my opinion some of the greatest platformers of all time. I never got a chance to play Sonic CD because my computer couldn't run the ported version that I got for christmas in the late 90s. I always heard that it was "The best in the... More
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