Starting to wonder if tim is the only person allowed to review sonic games on GI in thier staff *though he did a tad better than that piece of....well you all know what i think of his review before :p

but anyway

The game is amazing. For a history lesson not many people got to play sonic cd when it was first released because of the cost of the sega cd addon.  But the game is pretty true to its roots.

Sonic speeds through 7 zones each in pretty good size. Most if not all have multiple paths to take with the higher path *except on wacky workbench to be the fastest way to complete *for time achievment* The bosses are no real threat but still fun to bash on ol eggman as always *yes its eggman tim*

The soundtrack is amazing for the US and JAP *though two songs where taken out as the singer died and copyright ayada ayada* but its still great. I prefer the JAP as that was always the more fun one to play through when i was younger. 

That aside the game offers unlockables and a time trail mode. It also offers for the first time to play as tails. In all the game is great. 


*Just wish they left the dang Japanese opening and ending though* oh well may the singer rest in peace.