Since i am a super giant Sonic Fan, this was a Sonic game i didin't try out, but now this one is pretty awesome, even if i missed out getting the CD add-on pack for the Genesis. I have this game on my ipad.


I don't know if PSN is going to be online again if i can get Sonic CD for my PS3. Why Sony? Why are you hesitating?!



Anyways, once you start Sonic CD at the begining, you'll watch a video in animation of how Sonic can do the impossible while Sonic CD's soundtrack Sonic Boom is going on, if it's either the U.S, or the Japeneese Soundtrack. After Sonic jumps onto the Death Egg (what? it looks like the Death egg in Sonic CD. Can't you tell?), you'll start with the first level, Palmtree Panic. If you manage to get 50 rings and reach the goal without getting damaged, you'll see a special gigantic golden ring, which means there is a Special Stage waiting to be played. I'm even suprised there's no chaos emeralds in this game.


In the Special Stage, you'll have to take out UFO'S with a limited time. If you managed to take them all out, You'll get a Time Stone in reward (Instead of Chaos Emeralds).


And if you see Amy the pink hedgehog, just run away from her. She is SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! But you'll have to save her from Metal Sonic (Who just captured Amy) in Stardust Speedway. To do that you'll have to race against Metal Sonic and beat him before Robutt-nik catches you with his lazer.


Right now i'm at Metallic Madness, i got past the first part, but the second part... You'll see Sonic shrink into a tiny blue mouse. Looks like Jerry from the Tom And Jerry Cartoon won't be on his own.



Now i say this, Sonic CD is a must know for the New Sonic Fans, and an awesome Download for Old School Sonic fans. (My friend Dee is an old school Sonic fan who plays Sonic 2. He'll be happy to play Sonic CD). If some of you haven't played a Sonic game at all, my recommendations to play the best Sonic games would be, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!! Sonic CD.