A few months ago I had heard of this game's release for the XBOX 360 and the PS3, though I had never played the game before.The only thing I knew about the game was the great opening and ending cutscene. So, I did some research (youtube) and found it was a very good game. To get a good ending, the game isn't about speed. Its about exploring the level to search for the objectives.

 The story is about how Sonic has decieded to see a small planet which has a messed up time stream. He discovers that it is over taken by Dr. Robotnik. Sonic must travel back in time and destroy these robot capsules to make a good future. You also have to save Amy Rose, a new hedgehog who won't go away, from a new enemy that may be your complete double, Metal  Sonic.

 The gamplay is great. Big levels with a lot of robots, loops, and springs. We all know that Sonic can use the spin dash, but now he can use a new speed boost or "the figure 8 technique". The special stages are....well.... bad. They have hard controls and are just not well planned out. The bosses are to easy, there is no sence of excitment in them.

 The sound is nice. You can choose beetween the American or Japenese soundtrack.

 The newest feature of the game is to play as Tails after you beat the game as Sonic.

 This all adds up to be a good game. Now all they have to do is put Sonic 3 on the Playstation Store.