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Sonic & Friends Explore Sonic Boom's 3DS World

Sonic Boom on the 3DS has been lost in the shadows of its Wii U counterpart, but that's a shame, because the handheld title is worthy in its own right. Developed by Sly Cooper studio Sanzaru Games, Sonic Boom on the 3DS is an action/platforming Sonic title that has plenty to offer.

Unlike the Wii U Sonic Boom, which embraces a 3D action world, this version uses classic Sonic gameplay conventions mixed with the ability to switch between unlocked characters in a level via the bottom touchscreen. Each playable character – Sonic, Knuckles, Sticks, and Tails – has their own special ability that will come in handy throughout a level. Tails uses air vents to get to different elevations in a level, as well as a handy mini-sub. Knuckles can dig through previous inaccessible areas. Sticks has a controllable boomerang, and Sonic has an air dash ability.

Apart from character-specific abilities that aid in getting around levels, all characters are able to use a grapple beam to swing to platforms and rip the shields from enemies' hands. Naturally you'll collect rings, and also pick up blueprints for certain upgrades and other collectables. Your progression is enriched by diversion sequences like Rival Races through levels or tunnel segments similar to a Sonic 2 special stage. Tails' mini-sub initiates a special gameplay sequence where you ping the bottom touchscreen to send out a sonar blast to catch a glimpse of your surroundings.

Sanzaru isn't talking about how this Sonic Boom might be tied into the Wii U version, but it is related to the TV show via Sticks. The handheld's story involves the awakening of an ancient named Lyric, who was imprisoned for seeking a powerful crystal. In modern times, Amy has found the shards of the crystal, which causes Lyric to kidnap her. Sticks – Amy's best friend – and the rest of the gang come to her rescue.

Sonic Boom for the 3DS comes out in November.

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  • I'm a little iffy about this one. Recenty, handheld Sonic hasn't lived up to the standard it set for itself in the past. After Colors, it REALLY went downhill with Generations and Lost World. So I'm definitely being cautious with this one.
  • If they just keep making Sonic games a good one will have to appear eventually right? It's shouldn't be as hard as monkeys and typewriters. Also it bugs me that this game is a complete sidescroller but has the exact same name as the non-sidescroller version. I like sidescrollers and all, but that's just going to make things confusing by the time Christmas rolls around.

  • This'll be the one I get, hopefully it's a solid title. It can be right. . .

  • This could be good. Sonic and Knuckles don't look as strange as they do in the Wii U version.

  • To be honest was kind of hoping to be 3d like the wii U version, but whatever as long as it's good that's all I care about in the end.