when i saw the commercial for allstars racing it was so awesome i bought the ds version 1st then the ps3 version and last summer i bought the wii version and my sister likes the ps3 version becus it's the wii problem! (for her) u have to sterr the wii wheel or remote and the ps3 version is easier 4 driving like using the analog on the left.anyways on to the review,the gameplay is awesome they put an awesome rebooted sonic drift with more characters in the game i tried mario kart before and when u r in the air u can't perform any tricks but with all stars racing u can do wicked tricks by pressing the drift button mario kart can't do that becus its bulls**t so for the power-ups they are awesome and doing an all star move is the wicked best part not even nintendo can do that so sonic fans this is the perfect racing game u ever asked 4.