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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Behind The Wheel With Wreck-It Ralph In Sonic's New Racing Game

Sonic is set to appear in the upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph, so the speedy hedgehog is returning the favor.

Sega and Disney collaborated to include the misunderstood villain Ralph in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, complete with his own unique vehicle.

The new racing game releases this holiday season, so check out the screens below for an early look at Ralph’s land, air, and sea vehicles. 

  • Sweet now release his game on psn

  • I known this a bunch of months ago but......




  • This is a really cool publicity stunt. It makes me more excited for this movie seeing all these developers embrace it like this.
  • lol I think Sonic is doing Ralph more of a favor by being in the movie :P

  • Now put Ralph in Kingdom Hearts III and Smash Bros 4
  • Robert is correct.
  • The first game was actually pretty fun. Enough for me to actually get 1000/1000 Gamerscore on it. I shall rent this one as well and perhaps do the same

  • Cannot wait :D

  • So would Ralph be in Street Fighter, too?

  • Must see movie.

  • Still doesn't sell me on playing another Sonic game.
  • Ralph needs to be a unlockable character in many games.  I mean, he game jumps, so let him jump into more and more games :P

  • Wow, pretty great looking graphics for a video game! Well for a Sega type game anyways! :)

  • Maybe I'll get this game after all... The 3DS version will look just as good as it's Console counterparts!

  • Cool.