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  • Blog Post: Best racer. Period.

    Can these clowns at Game Informer rate anything correctly? When the users give a game a 9.5 and GI gives it an 8.0, then you know there is a problem. That's a pretty large gap. All of these game review sites should be taken with a grain of salt, especially those who team up with GameStop. Why should... More
  • Blog Post: Jeff Has Saved Us All.

    Jeff. I'm glad you weren't going to let Tim (Who is the Anti-Sonic fan) review All Stars Racing Transformed. I'm pretty pleased with your review. Anyway, on to my review. Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed is the best racing game I've ever seen in my eyes, racing on the road, flying... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic allstar racing

    I Love this game, it takes me back to when i was younger and used to play games like diddy kong racing, Mario Kart, and so forth. This game is made with the utmost beautiful graphics and i could not stop playing until i had completed the who campaign. The other feature i admire in this game is the missions... More
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