Jeff. I'm glad you weren't going to let Tim (Who is the Anti-Sonic fan) review All Stars Racing Transformed. I'm pretty pleased with your review.


Anyway, on to my review. Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed is the best racing game I've ever seen in my eyes, racing on the road, flying in the skies, and floating fast on water, a great concept. Using stages from different forgotten Sega franchises from Genesis (Golden Axe), Saturn (Nights), and Dreamcast (Skies Of Arcadia, Space Channel 5), you'll count to more Sonic stages too.


The graphics look so awesome, all the affects are so great, the characters and transforming cars are wickedly amazing, they look amazing to the eyes.

The music is awesome. Any Sega fan will love their favorite tunes remixed they'll have that special tune inside their head for nostalgia.

Controls: They could be a little difficult but they play great (if you're an expert on Sega All-Stars Racing), it'll be a little confusing, but you'll get used to the new controls. Trust me.

Overall, Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed is a game all Sonic fans MUST have, and a great racing game in the genre for racing fans alike.