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Sonic allstar racing

I Love this game, it takes me back to when i was younger and used to play games like diddy kong racing, Mario Kart, and so forth. This game is made with the utmost beautiful graphics and i could not stop playing until i had completed the who campaign. The other feature i admire in this game is the missions series. Not only did they add a racing version , but they added a mission series , where you have certain required standards that you are to meet. This was the best thing on the whole game for me and I must admit that when you play the missions , it helps you learn all the tricks and trades of the game. So i would recommend that every one play this game and in my eyes it is a timeless collection piece

  • surprise of the year: a funny fun racer. thx for the review!

  • Thanks for the review. I was expecting a real stinker but I think I'll give this a shot.

  • I aprove this review!

  • Thank you for the review, I am buying this game for the PS3 and for the Vita. Fun times!!!!!!

  • Want to know another game I'd give a 10/10? Every handheld Pokemon RPG.

  • great review, i just bought the game & cannot wait 2 play it!