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Devs Only Recently Played Their Own Game For The First Time

Soma isn’t like other games. It doesn’t rely on typical play patterns like cover-based advance-and-shoot or the spawn-die-respawn of multiplayer experiences. It’s an exploration-based adventure in a heavily atmospheric environment. And its developers only recently were able to play it for the first time.

In post on the PlayStation Blog Soma creative director Thomas Grip discusses some of the challenges of making the studio’s follow-up to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The game is going into alpha in about a week, with a build that represents approximately half of the final, eight-hour game.

“The alpha is our first opportunity to really find out what the game is like,” Grip says. “This means that we’ve had to take a lot of the design on faith, simply hoping that it’ll all work out. So it came as a great relief to us – when we’d managed to pull together everything for a pre-alpha test a few weeks ago – to find out that the game does hang together.”

Grip also details the goals for the title, which include a narrative thread that doesn’t segregate puzzle from exploration and narrative, varied gameplay that doesn’t feel like a loop, and horror presented in a thoughtful way. Soma is slated for a 2015 release on PS4 and PC. 

For more, check out a the fill development update on the PlayStation Blog.

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  • This is actually really interesting just because I know that developing a game requires playing it almost nonstop to make sure that everything works correctly. It's hard to imagine that these guys have made half of their game without ever playing it. Edit: Haha can you imagine when these guys sat down and were like "okay, lets do this." I'd be sweating.
  • Always down for an eerie and creepy game. Enjoy finding a game that you can turn off the lights, crank the volume and be sucked into it. Hope this game turns out well.

  • I really have enjoyed the type of Horror that this developer has created. Penumbra was great, albeit flawed, and certainly worth playing through. Amnesia was definitely a step forward and very exciting. I can't wait to see what this game brings that's new to the table.

  • Mod
    I'm so excited that they're bringing this to PS4. I loved Amnesia(One of the few games that I broke down and played on PC out of necessity) Excited about all the great horror games on the horizon.
  • This looks like its gonna be a really good game...too bad its not coming to xbox

  • not xbox one??? WHY!?!?

  • Well this is good to see developers playing there game and putting it through the paces before its released to the masses.

  • Well, it looks like it should be coming together well so far.

  • I love both Penumbra and Amnesia, so I have a lot if faith in these developers to deliver another great horror game.

  • Anyone know the story line for this game yet?