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  • Blog Post: Frictional Working On Soma Beta, Apologizes For Silence With New Screen

    Frictional Games has been working on its horror game Soma since 2010, and we got a chance to play it for the first time at last year's GDC conference. Since then, Frictional has gone dark on the undersea horror game's development. In a recent post on the game's official forums, creative director... More
  • Blog Post: 16 Things We Know About Soma

    At an off-site location during GDC, Frictional Games invited us to check out Soma for the first time. Rather than give us a spiel about the studio's goals with its follow-up to the underground horror hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent, writer Mikael Hedberg simply handed us a controller, turned out the... More
  • Blog Post: Devs Only Recently Played Their Own Game For The First Time

    Soma isn’t like other games . It doesn’t rely on typical play patterns like cover-based advance-and-shoot or the spawn-die-respawn of multiplayer experiences. It’s an exploration-based adventure in a heavily atmospheric environment . And its developers only recently were able to play... More
  • Blog Post: New Soma Video Puts The Environments On Display

    The latest video showcasing Soma, the next title from Amnesia: The Dark Descent developers Frictional Games, showcases some of the game's environments. There's no gameplay to speak of ( though you can see some by heading here ), and instead just shows off some of the game's very dark, very... More
  • Blog Post: First Gameplay Of Frictional Games' Soma, Due In 2015

    Frictional Games has been building up interest in its next title, Soma, with live-action narrative trailers. Those have set the stage for this first bit of gameplay that shows Frictional's trademark first-person horror set in space. We've also learned that Soma is due out on PC and PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Frictional Games' Second Soma Video Depicts A Disturbing Conversation

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent developers Frictional Games have shared another video from their upcoming project titled Soma. This time out, engineer Imogen Reed has a conversation with a seemingly sentient automaton. This video, titled "Mockingbird" follows the first, called "Vivarium."... More
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