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  • Blog Post: Composer Chats About The Music Of SOCOM 4

    Background music often gets overlooked in military shooters, in favor of the sounds of gun shots, big explosions, and screaming soldiers. For SOCOM 4, Sony and Zipper Interactive took a different approach, hiring Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary to create a more provocative score that might... More
  • Blog Post: SOCOM 4 Review: New Improvements, Old Problems

    Sony has made a big deal of how SOCOM 4 supports stereo 3D displays and a PlayStation Move control scheme (see sidebar). Beneath these technological diversions lies a solid tactical shooter that innovates in much-needed areas while retaining some of the annoying and unforgivable problems SOCOM is known... More
  • Blog Post: SOCOM 4 Bomb Squad Mode Detailed [Updated With Trailer]

    [Updated with trailer at bottom of story] SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is Zipper Interactive's upcoming third-person tactical shooter that places you in the combat boots of an Ops Commander leading a 5-person squad on a mission across Southeast Asia. Aside from single-player, there are a number of team... More
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