First off, if you don't like sniping or stealth games at all, than you can skip this game. But if you're fan of being a sneaky, long range killer, than this is the game for you!

Unlike the original Ghost Warrior, the game is all about stealth and sniping. You're only allowed to carry a sniper rifle, a silenced pistol for close range attacks, and a knife for silent takedowns. This actually helps this game be the full sniper experience. Your character, Cpt. Cole Anderson, is on a mission to stop a terrorist threat and retrieve a stolen bio-weapon they stole from a Russian facility in Siberia. The story is surprisingly effective, if not original, and you'll actually care about the characters around you. The game runs on the CryEngine 3, which was used for games like Crysis 2 & 3. This gives the game beautiful scenery and a sense of realism to the campaign, especially in the jungle levels. Sound is another great feature in the game. Voice acting is superb and the noise's made from waterfalls and your sniper rifle make it even more realistic.

The sniping mechanics have been improved as well. Unlike most games, like CoD, bullet-drop exists. Gravity and wind direction play a key factor in the sniping. On the easy and normal difficulty, you'll be assisted by a red dot on the scope to show you were the bullet will hit and you'll aided by radar assistance as well to know where the enemy is located, but on the harder difficulty, these assists are removed and you'll have to rely on your own instincts. Enemy A.I. is a hit or miss. They run for cover and try to see whose shooting at them like real soldiers would in combat, but if you miss a shot  and they notice it, they know where you are very quick and start shooting at you almost immediately.

The campaign is a lot of fun, but the Multiplayer is not so successful. The MP is just sniping duels with two teams of six trying to kill each other with a sniper rifle. It's basically a "Cat 'n' Mouse" style gameplay in the MP. Unless you were a hardcore sniper fan who loves being stealthy, than you won't enjoy the MP. It's slow and very boring if you played MP games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Worse, there's only two maps and one game mode, unless got the free dlc of course. The maps are okay, but they're just to big for 12-players to play in.

MP aside, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a great game for hardcore sniper fans. The games solid story, sniper mechanics, sound, and graphics make me want to play this game over and over again. City Interactive made a great comeback for their surprisingly hit series.