Launch Trailer Shows Off Slow-motion Explosions And Chopper Sniping - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - PlayStation 3 -
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Launch Trailer Shows Off Slow-motion Explosions And Chopper Sniping

Next week, City Interactive's new installment in its Sniper series hits shelves. The game lets players assume the role of a skilled sniper working in the jungles of Tibet. This new trailer celebrates the upcoming release with plenty of dramatic explosions, stealth kills, and a dialed-in shot on a helicopter pilot.

Want to see more of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2? Check out this tutorial on sniping tactics. The game hits PS, PS3, Vita, 360, and Wii U March 12.

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  • Is anyone even following this game anymore?

  • Unless they are making this for the original PlayStation, I think you meant to say PC :) Thanks for the article.

  • this game got delayed so many times i lost interest

  • Rather snipe in Battlefield 3........just sayin

  • this looks dumb...

  • I think it looks great. I love sniping (camper....yes sometimes lol) The clip above shows promise. We shall see soon enough.
  • Is the game actually releasing for the Wii U? The trailer didn't show it, but I thought it was supposed to be releasing for it at some point.

  • I remember watching a special on snipers a while back that said some similar stuff. Going through training turns the PIGs (professionally instructed gunmen)into HOGs (hunters of gunmen). It was reality tv.
    This doesn't even look that good.
  • Reminds me of the chopper shot from the movie Shooter.

  • I must say, I'm Kind of interested in this game. Hope it gets good review.
  • Wow. A multiplatform game that's ACTUALLY multiplatform, in that it's hitting Wii U and Vita in addition to PS3 and 360. I'm impressed, guys. Good show!
    Also, the original playstation(?) apparently :) Or maybe the "PS" was just supposed to be a "PC" and Tim had a brainfart there for a moment? Nah. I'm sure this is hitting the Playstation!
  • You get some pretty good goodies for pre-ordering this.
  • The ending to the original game was god awful.

  • Ghost Sniper, Ghost Recon, Sniper Whatever, I can't tell a difference with these shooter titles anymore. If ya shoot stuff and it works, that sums up how these games have to measure up.

  • Not really interested, but love how it misses that assassinations are actually illegal so you aint exactly got the law behind you, as he talks in this video. When you kill people. International law and world law makes it illegal.

  • Hope it has a better ending than the last game...

  • Yawn? Maybe? Need a review before I actually do yawn

  • I really want this game to do well, but by looking at the actual gameplay, I think its going to be bad.