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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Peering Down The Scope At Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

City Interactive released the first Sniper: Ghost Warrior in June of 2010. The game was somewhat problematic, but gamers seemed happy to overlook its AI issues and other bugs, as the title went on to sell nearly 2.5 million copies worldwide. City Interactive is back for a sequel that’s bigger and better in so many ways that it hopefully won’t need forgiving.

The game starts with a flashback, as ex-Delta Force Sniper Captain Cole Anderson recalls his time in the service during the Bosnian War of 1993. Anderson was sent into Sarajevo to gather evidence about the mass murders happening in the country at that time. During this covert op, Anderson’s co-operative Maddox decides to try and assassinate the general responsible for the killings and the duo is quickly captured. Now both men have to make a daring escape from torture cells and reconnect with their superiors. 

Not only does the game look a lot better thanks to CryEngine 3, but City Interactive has implemented the use of night vision goggles and thermal goggles, vehicle sequences, and designed the game around three different environments: urban areas, jungles, and mountains. 

The game still plays as a mix of stealth-based sneakery and long distance sniping. While games like Call of Duty and Battlefield explore the close-quarters elements of warfare, City Interactive is happy to focus in on a sniper’s duties. “If enemies are alerted, reinforcement will come in, so it’s to your advantage to remain unseen and use sniper tactics,” explains producer Michael Sroczynski. “The enemies are quite accurate with machine guns, and if they are able to approach too close you’ll be in a lot of trouble.” If you want to survive this war, you’d better pick off your enemies from a distant shadow. 

City Interactive has continued to fine-tune its ballistics systems for Ghost Warrior 2, so the targeting system is more realistic. Players will have to take into account wind speed and direction, character breathing rate, and the target’s distance if they want to survive Sniper 2’s deadly long-range battles. 

“The bullet cam was a very popular mechanic from the first game, so that will be returning,” says Sroczynski. “There are a couple of different camera angles, and it’s a reward for a good long shot or a moving target shot or a double kill or even a through the wall kill. You won’t see it every time, but it’s meant to be a reward for a really good shot.”

The first Sniper got criticized for its lo-fi graphics, questionable AI, and buggy gameplay. Sniper 2 already looks more graphically impressive, and the AI seems much improved, but we have to wait until later this summer to see how polished the final product is. Check out a tech demo of the game in action above.

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  • Nice shooting. I thoroughly enjoy sniping and using sniping tactics. The reason its not quite so simple and easy in CoD is because you can't see everywhere at once so once your positions out after people watch the killcams your a dead man.

    I am very interested however in a game totally based for sniping and sneaking around, ive played some games where staying quiet and sneaking around is essential not to blow your cover. Sounds good and i might plan on buying it, but it would be nice if we had a bit more information about it.

    EDIT: WOW a guy in one of the pictures looks like Soap for MW3
  • ehh crysis 3 lolll

  • Looks Sick...

  • this looks entertaining enough for the risk

  • Never played the first one but this looks to fun to pass up

  • Maybe this time the enemies won't automatically spot you if you just ever so slightly peek over the hill top.

  • The game still is questionable as I have heard the multiplayer was really boring as I would assume a game based on being stealthy, long distance kills. Sadly im a guy that likes a campaign to be really long with no multiplayer or little co-op, or a campaign that is decently long and has a great multiplayer.

  • WOW dude im so going to get this game, I love being a sniper and shooting peoples heads off

  • This looks great, can't wait to hear more news.

  • Already pre-ordered the game despite the bugs of the first game I really like the gameplay and graphics were pretty good too.

  • This actually looks interesting.  

  • The textures could be better. I'm looking forward to this game. Stealh ans sniping rule. Hopefully it will be better than it's crappy predecessor.
  • Well the screen shots look awesome.

  •    .. . .  .. .

  • Well, it never ceases to amaze me with what you can do with CryEngine 3. Of course, it's not a life saver by any means -I'll wait to hear how it turns out at release

  • One of my new favorite games returns. Even though the first game had it's issues, it was still extremely fun. As long as there aren't anymore stupid forced ground close quarters combat levels. I hated those. They took away my snipoer rifle and forced me to fight with an M16

  • Cool beans. Will definitely check this thing out. I've always longed for a good sniper game.

  • I never played the first one but this looks alright. I'll definitely keep this on my radar, it could be really good.

  • I liked the first, but not enough to be excited for this one. At least not until this.

  • I liked the concept of the 1st game. If only they make it so the missions are less scripted, the AI a bit better, and focus on the ACTUAL SNIPING, I think this will be good. The gore is a nice touch as well. One thing they ESPECIALLY need to fix is the spawns, trapping was abundant in multiplayer.

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