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  • Blog Post: Sniper Elite V2

    A sniper worth seeing... Sniper Elite V2 is first and foremost a tactical game about enjoyment of the carnage you cause or have the abilities to cause as one of WWII's best snipers. The best part is that you can watch the visual mayhem that ensues in an x-ray kill-cam mode that looks like something... More
  • Blog Post: Must have under-selled game

    Let me start off by saying that it is definately worth trying out. The demo is fantastic, and is amazing to play ( I personally have beaten the demo 4 times). It is a true to the heart sniper game taking in physics such bullet sway,gravity,wind change and damage stats. While it may only be a demo it... More
  • Blog Post: Sniper Elite V2 Review

    With so many shooters out today, it's easy for developers to forget what the core of their game should be: the shooting. I'm happy to tell you that Sniper Elite V2 doesn't forget that. Sniping in this game just feels right. It makes you feel like the worlds greatest sniper whether your difficulty... More
  • Blog Post: Keep it real

    Don't need childish arcade unreal graphics of victims insides. If you had kept it real I would have definitely bought in. More
  • Blog Post: X-Ray and Slow Motion Kills

    You have to handed to Rebellion for bringing us such a great game, even before the X-ray kill the slow motion bullet tracking was great in the first sniper elite i fell in love with it come on what other game can you shoot and enemy from 1007m and see the bullet travel down untill it end up in the enemies... More
  • Blog Post: awesome

    just got the trial on my xbox 360 and all i have to say well done, I simply love this game its just the most bloodiest and goriest game since gta 4 and call of duty WaW. this game shows the bullet literally enter a spot on the body and occasionally show the innards. the difficulty settings are great... More
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