Let me start off by saying that it is definately worth trying out. The demo is fantastic, and is amazing to play ( I personally have beaten the demo 4 times). It is a true to the heart sniper game taking in physics such bullet sway,gravity,wind change and damage stats. While it may only be a demo it has a slpendid begining tutorial that when you follow it you can still get the same wicked results as you would when you try to solo it. Another object taken in the game is tactics. You can't just run in to a battle guns a blazin' hoping to ace that level, it takes a combination of stealth and patience (extremely important in sniper elite difficulty).

 There are four types of difficulties used in the demo, Cadet, Marksman, Sniper Elite and Custom. In Cadet you use no gravity or any bullet ballistics into your shots you just aim and shoot. The enimies are also extremely easy. In the Marksman you have to take gravity and stealth into effect. I find this mode to be the funniest by giving you a little bit of a challenge but not to much that you end up yelling at your T.V. and wake your neighbors. with the added zoom in and focus mode it allows you to more accurately take down enemies with devastating X-ray shots. Now the hardest mode is the Sniper Elite taking all the factors into effect with gravity drop, bullet sway, bullet ballistics, and wind change when you are shooting. The enemies are at there hardest also with there all knowing ears and the enemy sniper setting decoys to lure you out of your spot and to give away your cover. Now last but not least Custom mode. I am not sure if this mode will be an option for the story line or not but it is for this demo. In Custom mode you make it so enemies aren't as tough or so there isn't wind effecting your game.

There will be a multiplayer mode and that is why I didn't give this game a full 10. The story for this is brilliant but I have no idea how the multiplayer is so better safe than sorry.

All in all this game will be fantastic. From trip wire bombs to throwing unlimited rocks (as decoys of course) this game is a true masterpiece and deserves your 2 cents so try it out, it won't kill you I promise. Also check out the video review  on Gameinformer has an amazing nut shot (both testisticals one bullet).