With so many shooters out today, it's easy for developers to forget what the core of their game should be: the shooting.  I'm happy to tell you that Sniper Elite V2 doesn't forget that.  

Sniping in this game just feels right.  It makes you feel like the worlds greatest sniper whether your difficulty setting is set to the easiest difficulty or the hardest.  However, having this game set on the hardest difficulty is much more rewarding.  In the easiest setting, your bullets are unaffected by bullet drop and wind.  The enemies are less likely to spot you and their bullets do little damage to you.  On the games harder difficulty setting, you're going to have to really use your sniping instincts to get through the game.  Your bullets are all effected by bullet drop and wind making every shot much harder, yet incredibly rewarding when your bullet penetrates the eye of an enemy sniper almost 200m away.

If you don't feel like going through the story alone, you can team up with a buddy or a random player online to snipe through every level together making both players feel like an unstoppable team.

Don't expect to be pushing through to the end based on the story.  You're not going to be  feeling any emotional connection to your character and you're probably not even going to remember his name.  The only reason I kept saying "Just one more level." was because I wanted to keep sniping unsuspecting enemies between the eyes and even taking out two enemies with one bullet.  It is such a gratifying feeling.

However, the game doesn't treat you like a sniper 100% of the time through the game.  In every level there are sections where you are forced to take out your assault rifle and shoot every guy that you encounter in the buildings you have to infiltrate.  This isn't necessarily a bad feature to the game but it isn't always fun.  It was felt as though these parts were simply tacked on as an after thought.  Luckily, these sections are brief and they put you back in the vantage point of the sniper quickly.  

The AI can be frustrating.  Numerous times I saw enemies taking cover behind absolutely nothing and simply running back and forth for no reason.  Their accuracy is incredible for the awful sub-machine guns they are using, especially on the harder settings.  I could be 100m away and these guys are nailing me with deadly accuracy.  However, when you are forced to use the sub-machine guns, you are often just spraying and praying as the accuracy with them in your hands is terrible.

Aside form the laughable AI and forgettable story, Sniper Elite V2 is rewarding fun.  The sniping feels right and rewards you with great kill cams that you just never seem to get sick of. If you are bored of the standard shooters putting you in the boots of a foot soldier and want a change of perspective, Sniper Elite V2 does just that.