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just got the trial on my xbox 360 and all i have to say well done, I simply love this game its just the most bloodiest and goriest game since gta 4 and call of duty WaW. this game shows the bullet literally enter a spot on the body and occasionally  show the innards. the difficulty settings are great you can customize them to the way you like. its a game i am looking forward  too and im seriously going to preorder this game. i suggest you do the same. 

  • call of duty and gta are not gory? 0\_/0
  • This can't be serious.
  • Meh review. Not only did you just play the trial version and are judging the game based on that, but you're also comparing it to a couple of completely different games while there's literally dozens more suited for comparison.
  • This is a bad review.

  • Terrible review, quite honestly.

  • Lmao for comparing GTAIV with COD :D seriously Terrible...

  • Play the full version and then write a review. You will receive zero accolades for reviews such as this.