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  • Blog Post: A Supercut Of Bloody Kills

    We covered Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 3’s single-player campaign when played the game at PAX East . The new E3 trailer shows another side of the title, with competitive and cooperative modes on display. In addition to the five different adversarial team and free-for-all multiplayer modes, Sniper... More
  • Blog Post: Gameplay Trailer Introduces You To New-Gen X-Ray Kills

    We had a chance to go hands-on with Sniper Elite 3 at PAX East, and the upgrades to mission design and AI have us pretty excited about where the series is headed. In a new trailer, you’ll get to see some of what we did. The Sniper Elite series has become known for its brutal and gruesome x-ray... More
  • Blog Post: Sniper Elite 3 Travels To Africa In New Trailer

    In our first look at Rebellion's new Sniper Elite game, publisher 505 Games sets the stage for a new setting for all the grisly shooter action. Sniper Elite 2 wasn't the classiest game on the market, but it won praise from our Tim Turi for its visceral, tense action. In the new game, OSS agent... More
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