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  • Blog Post: 505 Games Prepares For Launch With New Trailer

    505 Games has released a new trailer commemorating the release of the latest iteration of its sniper action series. For those unfamiliar, Sniper Elite 3 puts you in the shoes of Karl Fairburne, an OSS agent whose primary directive is, you guessed it, killing Nazis. Sniper Elite 3 takes you to a new location... More
  • Blog Post: Choose Your Kill Path In This Interactive Trailer

    Rebellion has released a new trailer for their upcoming sniper simulator. This isn't your run of the mill gameplay trailer, however. You get to choose your own path. In the style of a choose your own adventure book, the narrator guides you to a point where you can choose between three separate paths... More
  • Blog Post: Sniper Elite III Trailer Details Hunt The Grey Wolf Pre-Order DLC

    Much like the pre-order bonus for Sniper Elite V2 , pre-ordering its sequel will afford you another chance to hunt and snipe Hitler. As the trailer below showcases, Hitler has a look-a-lik, and it's up to the player to figure out which one is which. Here are the details from the press-release: Hitler... More
  • Blog Post: Open Levels Give Players More Flexibility For Cat-And-Mouse Play

    Sniper Elite V2 had some great ideas when Rebellion released the title in 2012. The varying degrees of difficulty related to wind and ballistics made finding a sniper nest and picking a shot extremely engaging. It was the moments away from the rifle scope that were a bit rough around the edges. Sniper... More
  • Blog Post: Sniper Elite 3 Travels To Africa In New Trailer

    In our first look at Rebellion's new Sniper Elite game, publisher 505 Games sets the stage for a new setting for all the grisly shooter action. Sniper Elite 2 wasn't the classiest game on the market, but it won praise from our Tim Turi for its visceral, tense action. In the new game, OSS agent... More
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