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Sniper Elite 3

Choose Your Kill Path In This Interactive Trailer

Rebellion has released a new trailer for their upcoming sniper simulator. This isn't your run of the mill gameplay trailer, however. You get to choose your own path.

In the style of a choose your own adventure book, the narrator guides you to a point where you can choose between three separate paths. You can click one of the paths and the video will jump to that segment showing you the outcome of your choice. Make sure you have annotations turned on.

Be sure to read about our hands-on with the game. Sniper Elite III will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on June 27.

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  • Sniper elite 2 was one of the most underrated games in the past couple of years. It had a good sp and a very surprising Spec Ops type multi player component that was really fun and challenging. I always say it has a solid foundation and it looks like they addressed those minor exclusion from SE2 like melee, completing missions without detection, non linearity and hopefully some rpg, or weapon customization would go a long way.
  • Yea yea I'm sure like all games released in the end it will have the same results like last gen game.... I'm waiting on that game where you choose diff paths the ending is different along with those beautiful cutscenes. I don't want a small twist in the story changing, I need that full blown game changer, this is next gen right? Or we not yet powerful enough to we're you can have a alternate ending without it feeling similar than the original story
  • I just want this game so my buddy and I can shoot things together from long distances.

    Full co-op campaign

    Overwatch co-op mode

    Survival co-op mode

    That's what I'm waiting for.

  • I don't normally play stealth games, but this series seems like fun.

  • This game looks awesome I'm looking forward to the multiplayer aspect of this, the long shot competition sounds like a lot of fun can't wait.

  • You guys have the release date only half right. It releases in Europe on the 27th of June, players in the US have to wait until July 1st to get it.

  • This game looks gorgeous and fun, can't wait to play it! V2 was so underrated and while the graphics weren't the best it was so fun to play.

  • WWII has taken a backseat for years. It's nice to see Next-Gen launching out of the gate with a few under its belt.
  • Sorry to burst your little bubble sprint4geyes but this is not a next gen production game... if you can read, clearly it says xbox 360 and ps3 as well. This means its a uneriversal game. You will not see more games like ea sports ufc were that is only for next gen for a while unfortunately. Game companies are still marketting last gen if you have not noticed how this works yet. It is still going to be a greate game, but you need to understand how game companies market games.. Its going to be at least another couple years give or take until game companies dedicate there production solely to next-gen. Need to know this
  • Very cool. I bet this game is going to be pretty fun.