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Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 Travels To Africa In New Trailer

In our first look at Rebellion's new Sniper Elite game, publisher 505 Games sets the stage for a new setting for all the grisly shooter action.

Sniper Elite 2 wasn't the classiest game on the market, but it won praise from our Tim Turi for its visceral, tense action. In the new game, OSS agent Karl Fairbourne is taking his very particular set of skills to North Africa, to battle the Nazis on the plains.

Rebellion promises more sandbox gameplay and an expanded version of the popular kill cam from previous games.

  • The last one was fantastic! Can't wait! I hope they let us use the x-ray cam whenever we want to in this one.
  • You play as the OSS in these games? I might need to check these out.

  • They should have worn seat belts :/

  • I'm eagerly awaiting this now.

  • omgomgomgomgomg

  • Bring on more nazi zombie army I say.


  • I really enjoyed the last game. I especially liked the multiplayer in that game, it felt very tactical.

  • Mod

    The reboot was good, but still not as terrific as the first. However, moving to a more open world sandbox setting will address one of its major shortcomings. Plus the vehicle kill cam helps. : )

  • Loved 2 looking forward to this one.

  • But can you shoot someone's junk off in a moving vehicle?

  • i really enjoyed the second one....and im glad to see that there is new setting for the game...even if its in the same time period. Cant wait to learn more about the game and its promises for more sandbox gameplay

  • I hope there's still coop.

  • I felt so ripped off with the nazi zombie one the released for PC. That one was really bad. only thing I liked was the music.

  • The only sniper elite game I played was Nazi Zombie Army, and it was amazing.
  • Game Sniper Elite 3 many perfect attack XD sniper.

  • I always enjoy well done sniper games.  The trailer is tight, hope it lives up to that!  Might check this one out, with actual game play footage seen...

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  • Cool.  Loved the last one.  I hope 3 is even better!  Love the killcams!

  • yes yes yes yes

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