Honestly, it breathes life into the genre. MOBAs can range from being too simple, to overly complex, all while sharing the same mechanics of movement. Using the mini map to move around, see what's happening, then it's a point and click diablo game.

Smite is much more reactive, being third person gives you more control over your character, also almost every move is a skill shot. As opposed to, having a cursor hit where your mouse is resting on the mini map or screen like most others.

There's also a great selection of gods that vary in a lot of ways. My current favorites are Agni (a Hindu god) a mage character, and Ullr (Norse God) that can switch between Axes and a bow. The game is free to play, with micro transactions for characters and skins, however most skins can be bought with in-game currency called Favor. Gems just get you them cheaper. There is also a 30 dollar version of the game, which gives you access to all current and future gods that will be in Smite.

This is a great deal, I used to play LoL, after the first month, I dropped probably 40-50 picking out a handful of characters I got to experience during free weeks, so being able to pay 30 bucks, to get the current 30 some odd gods in game, AND any additional ones they create? That's a reallllly damn good deal.

This and Nosgoth have been the two biggest games on my radar since I picked up my new PC. Solely because they're both fresh, different, and completely unique takes on a genre that's become over saturated.