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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

See Part Two Of Sly Cooper's Animated Short Right Here

Along with being a thief, Sly Cooper is also an expert sleuth. Toward that theme of expert sleuthing, Sony has hidden a three part animated short across the Internet. We've got part two.

The second part of a trilogy is always the best part; Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight... I assume the list goes on. Basically what I am getting at is that we got the best part.

You'll have to track down part one and three yourself, and look out for the full game for Vita and PlayStation 3 on February 5.

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  • Haha, Sly Cooper is so cute.  I like how they developed his character in the 4th Sly Cooper game.  I totally can't wait for it.

  • For those who may not want to search, I found part one ( here and am currently looking for part two, will edit this when the third part is found.

    Edit: So as far as my sleuthing skills go, part one was posted yesterday, so there's a good chance we won't see the third part until tomorrow. But as for the story so far, it's pretty funny. Definitely feels like a Sly Cooper short. It'd definitely be awesome if there was a consistent flow of Sly shorts in the future.
  • For some reason, Sly strikes me as a combination of Snake and Nathan Drake.
  • needs a tv show
  • Lol in the bathroom the graffiti says "Sly Pooper Pees in Time" random bathroom humor makes me laugh.
  • Dang..Iam liking the new soundtrack to sly..pretty sweet..these are doing a great job to get me excited for the game now

  • Not many day 1 purchases for me these days, but at a $40 price tag I am grabbing this one as soon as it hits the shelves.  

    Show Sly some support!

  • Sly, you dog. I mean raccoon. He's a raccoon. Not a dog.

  • Welcome back dear friend.  You've been missed.  

    Played the demo twice at PAX.  Can't wait!!

  • Let's hope this new installment is more like Sly 1 and less like 2 & 3.

  • Sly Cooper show. Make it happen.

  • "sly pooper pees in time" on the bathroom stall.

  • I can't WAIT for this game.  I haven't played a Sly game in quite a while, nice to see he's back in action at his usual form.

  • i may have to stea- I mean take, my brothers ps4 just for sly.

  • I loved this series on the PS2. Too bad i dont own and have no intention of getting a PS3

  • ..wait, when was part one? I don't even remember hearing about part one.

  • Also.. it's clear whoever is animating this has a big love for art styling akin to Batman: The Brave And The Bold.
  • Can't wait to pick up this game, I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence about it.

  • Can we get those people to work on a cartoon series of Sly?!?

  • I love everything except for the way Sly talks. It's like he's trying to sell me something with every sentence.

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