Quick you! Yeah you person who's reading this don't look behind you he's- ok you've probably looked over your shoulder at this point so my joke is invalid but if you didn't. *clap clap*

Like a lot of people I downloaded Slender: The Eight Pages to see what all the talk was about. Me being a manly man who isn't afraid to look his enemies in the eyes (Yay Yahtzee quote) I honestly wasn't scared of the game at first. Most survival horror games like Amnesia, Dead Space, and Condemned, (Which reminds me I need to make a review of that last one) have only succeeded in making me nervous. The only game that's had ever succeeded in absolutely terrifying me was the first F.E.A.R. Some friends of mine were on Skype with me as I braved the game to see how loud I'd scream, and you know what? They got what they wanted... At first I was like: "Pssh! This isn't scary! I got cheese in the fridge scarier than this cra-" Then suddenly a wild Slenderman appears and I fell out of my leather chair screaming like a five year old girl... I evaded old Slendy that time but my heart was pounding and my head was spinning. I then stumbled through the dark forest the game takes place in for about ten more minutes and collected six of the eight pages. At that point I turned around and screamed as Slendy devoured my soul... So yes, Parsec does a great job of creating a terrifying, low-budget game. I say low-budget because the game's graphics aren't stunning... But I will defend the graphics by saying it is an Indie, if it's an Indie bad graphics aren't that bad. And also, but be warned this next part is vastly opinionated; there isn't much plot in the game. I feel that if there was more plot I'd enjoy this game a lot more, on the bright side I heard that Slender: The Arrival will have more of a focus on plot.  So yeah 8.25 for this one blah blah blah great game play it its free blah blah- OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD LOOK BEHIND YOU HE'S RIGHT THERE SUCKING YOUR SOUL OUT!!! Haha did I get you? I hope I did... $

Oh and here's a little gift in case you need help beating the game and you haven't seen this yet...

This is PT99, Signing off!