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Nightmarish Sleeping Dogs DLC To Release In Time For Halloween

United Front's open-world action thriller is getting a new DLC pack that pits Wei Shen against some undead Triads. Things could get bloody.

Entitled Nightmare in North Point, the DLC centers around the tale of a deceased gang member that comes back as a zombie, and will also feature vampires and assorted other occult creatures for Shen to battle. Looks like a good time, and it's nice to see United Front and Square Enix supporting Sleeping Dogs with post-launch content. Watch the trailer below.

Nightmare in North Point releases on October 30.

  • This looks a bit kitchy, just another way to juice your bucks.

  • Dang, as if there weren't enough DL games this month!  I'm running out of money!  

    I thoroughly enjoyed the main game so I'll probably pick this up as well.  Plus I'm a sucker for horror and ghost stories.  

  • Isn't this the Zombie DLC? :/

  • been playing doom BFG edition for my Halloween game.

  • I'm glad Squeenixdos hasn't forgot about this game. I had a lot of fun with it and I'm looking forward to some more content from it.

  • Did that
  • Great! Sleeping Dogs plus the occult hopefully equals a return to the house of WU! ;)

  • Well, doesn't look nearly as good as Red Dead's Zombie DLC, but, I'll buy it just so I can judo kick zombies.

  • I really wish I had the money to buy sleeping dogs and the dlc:/
  • Looks alright. My computer doesn't have audio. Can someone tell me if it sounds alright, too. I'm serious, by the way.
  • lol

  • What this article does not explicitly point out (but UFG's postings do) is that these are _not_ the bog-standard zombies found in most games - no, what Wei will be up against are jiang-shi ( ).  Indeed, here's the word direct from the horse's mouth about this pack:

  • Hoping for a Mr. Vampire reference.

  • Being a Chinese raised watching old Hong Kong movies, Sleeping Dogs is everything I've ever dreamed. Now they're bringing back the Chinese vampires!! I remember losing tons of sleep (and having lots of nightmares) because of these creatures. For those who aren't familiar with the Jiang Shi concept, here's a brief run-down: Jiang means hard, which dead bodies tend to become after a while, and Shi means corpses. So Jiang Shi just means they're corpses coming back to life, but their bodies are hard as hell so swords and gunfire are (according to HK cinema) ineffective against them. In movies, the only people who have ways to take care of them are Taoists and/or Buddhist monks, hence the Peach-wood sword Wei will be wielding against these monsters. Oh, and the people Jiang Shi bites or injure with their nails become infected, die, and come back just as a zombie would, but they're really more akin to Western vampires more than a traditional gaming zombie.
  • Sleeping dogs was bad. It copied the innovative gameplay that is found in Cod by using things like aiming mechanics and automatic fire weaponry. People need to wake up and stop playing games like this when the superior choice is clear. Call of Duty:Mw3 is the best game ever made and this game needs to stop copying it.
  • Sounds fun but ACIII comes out the same day and if I had to choose between this and ACIII definately going with the latter.

  • looks meh

  • Taking cues from Red Dead, I see...

  • Interesting. I think I like it though.

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