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  • Blog Post: Sleeping Dogs Review: Don't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Sleeping Dogs is a mash up of open world concepts from the current generation. The serious narrative of GTA, free running of Assassin's Creed, and the polished gameplay of Saints Row combine to create a unique experience in the living city of Hong Kong. The development cycle of Sleeping Dogs was... More
  • Blog Post: Sleeping Dogs Review: the Streets of Hong Kong are Mean, and Fun

    In 2009 True Crime: Hong Kong was announced, then subsequently was cancelled. Not too long after Square Enix picked up the publishing rights and renamed it Sleeping Dogs. Even with the game's hectic development cycle it still manages to be one of the best open world games to come out this year. Your... More
  • Blog Post: Sleeping Dogs Review

    0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false For all the comparisons to Grand Theft Auto that Sleeping Dogs is inevitably going to receive, it holds its own. Sure it’s an open world game set in a densely populated urban area controlled by underworld kingpins. And obviously there are a fair amount... More
  • Blog Post: Game informer got it wrong!

    To be compleatly honest game informer was way off this time. Sleeping dogs does not deserve a 7.75. From its combat, platforming, and open world enviorment, it is the *** child of batman arkam city, uncharted, and grand theft auto. I had an awsome time with this game and i recommend it whole heartedly... More
  • Blog Post: terrible

    Hands down, one of the worst titles I've played in a while. The controls aren't that responsive, which has resulted in numerous cheap deaths. The only bright side of this title is the driving, which was unrealistic, but fun. Check it out on gamefly/redbox/whatever, just don't buy it. More
  • Blog Post: Gameinformer, its a great game that you gave a bad review!

    Really fun game! More
  • Blog Post: Sleeping Dogs

    Sleeping Dogs is a great game. It plays like a mix between the freedom and scale of GTA and the combat of Batman Arkham City. The combat is brutal and beautiful and the character (Wei) reminds me of Bruce Lee given that there are three Bruce Lee outfits I know of in the game. The gun play is good but... More
  • Blog Post: Great Story, Great Game

    The main thing that stands out to me in Sleeping Dogs is the story. You can tell it pulls heavily from The Departed...which is one of my favorite movies. I started playing Sleeping Dogs expecting to put it down after the games opening so I could start my long journey as Death in Darksiders 2. I couldn't... More
  • Blog Post: Totally Disagree

    I'm sorry but I have to utterly disagree with this review. I've been playing this for hours and I give it nothing less than a 9. The game is fantastic on so many fronts, especially when we're talking about hand-to-hand. He has so many moves and takes down that it can be almost overwhelming... More
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