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Sleeping Dogs

Get Up To Speed With A New "Sleeping Dogs 101" Trailer

There's a lot going on in United Front's upcoming open-world crime drama. Fortunately, this new video provides a nice crash course on the highlights. Actually, considering its focus on dismantling gangsters with meat cleavers, pay phones, and engine blocks, perhaps "nice" isn't the best descriptor.

Take a look at the clip below to see how far undercover Hong Kong cop Wei Shen is willing to go as he infiltrates one of the city's most notorious gangs. Also, check out the game's combat, driving, and more.

Sleeping Dogs is coming August 14 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

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  • This is looking to be a great game this fall!
    And it will be releasing before the big rush of other titles, too.
  • This game looks very ambitious, I must say. As one who practices karate, I must also say that the blend of karate and GTA style gameplay in an Eastern setting looks like none other ever created.

           PS: Was that a dragon tattoo in the video?

  • hfutyr
  • I'm getting this game because it comes out in summer and i'll have something to play. Why don't more games come out in summer?
    Edit: This game is so great looking better from when I saw it a few years ago
  • I. Can't. Wait!!!!

  • Preodered and cant wait!!! This is gonna hold me over till GTAV comes out

  • Man, I really, really want this game to be cool. Looks like it's got a lot of potential, and I'd love to sink my teeth in a big open-world action game again.

  • Looks great! Can't wait!

  • Well, this game is going to put some pressure on GTA5. Cant wait.

  • Saw this video last night on XBL, and it's gotten my hype meter up a few more notches already. I just hope this game turns out to be awesome, it has a lot of potential already.

  • I hope this game turns out good because it's very interesting. Gong fu and open world? Sign me up!

  • even if this game is not perfect it looks like one of those games that is just plain fun to play, even though I believe it will surpass expectations and turn out pretty decent...I can see it passing under the radar

  • I wanna check this out. I can't remember playing a game based in Hong Kong, & I never checked out the True Crime series.

  • Cool this looks sick, its like a modern day Shenmue with guns. Don't know if I should get this or Darksiders II. I can't get both.
  • How have I not heard of this game until now?! It looks ***!
  • Well, that guys gonna need surgery. Nice.

  • OMG at 3:00 BRUCE LEE's Game of Death Yellow Jumpsuit & at 3:01 BRUCE LEE's Enter The Dragon white suit!!!! Hell yes I am buying this day one. HAHA at Activision

  • I was a little disappointed by the jumping from car to car sequence (I just think it looks cheesy), but other than that, this game looks awesome.

  • I'm not buying this game because it's not realistic enuff. I mean he beat up a guy with a pay phone that had no wire... wth is that? Or are pay phones in Hong Kong wireless? :/

    Also why is there no protest about the *** fight?

    Oh and I'm just messing around. :P

  • Wow this looks really good...could have left the karaoke bar out though, also the jumping from car to car

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