Worried about your favorite store running out of the Skylanders toy you want before you get a chance to run down there and grab the character yourself? Activision will now let you pre-order certain Skylanders collectibles before they hit stores.

Gearshift is a Tech element character created on the Tech island of Metallana by King Mercurus. The King thinks of Gearshift as his own daughter, but Gearshift prefers to hang out in the depths of her kingdom among the subterranean workers rather than the castle. Gearshift also helped save her nation and her father from an invasion of Stromriders, which is why she was inaugurated onto the Trap Team.

The Gearshift figure won't officially release until 2015, but fans of the franchise can get a hold of her when the game releases on October 5 of this year if they preorder her limited early release. Pre-orders open up today, so Skylanders players should get their tech together if they want early access to this character.

Activision will be showing off more of Gearshift at their E3 booth next week, so stay tuned for more Skylander's news. But be sure to check out our Giant List of games expected to be at the show while you wait.