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Skylanders Spyros Adventure

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  • Hello all I wanted to start a Skylanders forum to discuss news, figs you have found and where, and tips or tricks you have found in the game to help others.

    First lets start with what most of us need to know. Skylanders is a game that is going to drain your wallet faster than you can burn the money. It is a great game with the figs that come with it. But you need at least one of each element to fully play the core game. Not only that but there are 4-5 announced level packs that include 1 new Fig, a level set piece that unlocks the level on the disc., and 2 magical items that help you heal your sky lander or slow time or other cool effects. Each of these is 20 bucks along the core game thats over $200. Now each fig you buy unlocks that new character in the game along with a challenge level built to each character, There are 32 regular figs to collect. along with 3 legendary figs ( Spyro , Bash ,and Chop chop) only available at Toys R Us. for $20. A silver Boomer that only a handful have been found. And Dark Spyro found in the 3DS version of the starter pack. Approximately 12 figs have not been released and are slated for a later release date in the spring of 2012. Most of this info you will only find by digging into the web based game at http://universe.skylanders.com/ . I should mention that the alternate figs only change the appearance of the character and give a slight stat boost from the base fig.


    The main draw for this game is whatever skills, levels , and gold you acquire is saved to the fig through a RF chip built into the fig. This makes them cross platform. It is available on the 3 major consoles and PC as a 2 player top down action rpg. and has a few PvP arenas to battle your Skylanders. Both of which level up your skylander to a max of 10. The 3DS version is a side scrolling platformer with support for only one player. And there is the online MMOish flash game. That is mainly mini games and some interaction with other players. It also stores your skylanders and you create a world by upgrading your surroundings with gold found online from games and busting crates open. Levels gained in the online version are separate from the base game and only add stats to the fig. Only one persons data can be saved to the fig. But you can erase data on the fig if you wanna see how the character plays if you take the second skill set instead of the one you chose.

  • Silver boomer for any doubters 

  • And the Legendary Figs

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