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  • Blog Post: Surprisingly Good

    Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review (Wii) Spyro’s continuity has been reset, again. And the game is a different genre from the previous continuity, again. And with the toy feature which is clearly made to make money, people are expecting a horrible game made to promote toys. Surprisingly... More
  • Blog Post: A Good Spyro Game, But Some Ubsurd Choices

    This Is Brand New, As I Just Got The Game (Along With Super Mario 3D Land) For Christmas, So Let The Review Begin! Sound: Amazing. You Make Also Find A Zim (From Invader Zim) Voice In There... Graphics: Colorful (But Not Like Sonic Colors) Replay: High My Only REAL Complaints Is That It The Price Is... More
  • Blog Post: Lets face it you know you want to

    Firstly don't buy this if you want blood, boobs, or swearing. Secondly this game is phenominal! Lets rate in the categories of: Graphics, Music, Gameplay, and Family appropriate. Graphics 10/10 I am not a graphics fanboy, but skylanders has beautiful cell-shaded graphics. It has a cartoonish vibe... More
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