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Lets face it you know you want to

Firstly don't buy this if you want blood, boobs, or swearing. Secondly this game is phenominal!

Lets rate in the categories of: Graphics, Music, Gameplay, and Family appropriate.


Graphics 10/10

I am not a graphics fanboy, but skylanders has beautiful cell-shaded graphics. It has a cartoonish vibe to it without being to slapstick and obnoxious. 


Music 8/10

Very light and airy not over the top and well balanced. My only problem is the length of each track, when your on a map for awhile the repeating track does wear thin.


Gameplay 10/10

Skylanders is effortless to pick up and play. A and B those are your main buttons so anybody can do it. and the characters add many levels of re-playability.


Family Appropriate 10/10

Very much so! There are some jokes that would go over a child's head but they aren't inappropriate or crude. A simple cute game!

  • i agree that this game is 1000000000000000000000000000.0 rated.