A cynic might say that the reason that Spyro and his crew have been transformed into tiny toys is so that Activision can sell those figurines at retail and make a mint. Wouldn't you know that there's also an in-game explanation behind it all, too. Watch this new video to see how it all fits together. It's official canon, too, and not expanded-universe nonsense.

The CG trailer doesn't highlight how the game actually looks or plays, but it does set up the battle between Spyro and pals and Chaos' evil forces. If you're skeptical, all you need to know is that the trailer has a golem who barfs up molten lava. Yes, I have a lot of growing up to do.

Anyway, the clip culminates with a kid finding the toys heroes and using them to play the game. You're forgiven if you close the window the second you see live action. The rest is pretty fun though.