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New Trailer Explains Skylanders' Rich Lore

A cynic might say that the reason that Spyro and his crew have been transformed into tiny toys is so that Activision can sell those figurines at retail and make a mint. Wouldn't you know that there's also an in-game explanation behind it all, too. Watch this new video to see how it all fits together. It's official canon, too, and not expanded-universe nonsense.

The CG trailer doesn't highlight how the game actually looks or plays, but it does set up the battle between Spyro and pals and Chaos' evil forces. If you're skeptical, all you need to know is that the trailer has a golem who barfs up molten lava. Yes, I have a lot of growing up to do.

Anyway, the clip culminates with a kid finding the toys heroes and using them to play the game. You're forgiven if you close the window the second you see live action. The rest is pretty fun though.

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    Hmmm... you know, that wasn't half bad... But its not the Spyro I remember.

  • ugh

  • hahah "that guy owes me five dollars!" that was pretty funny

  • Spyro didn't deserve this....
  • Really? They could of just put the energy they used to create this gimmick, into making another quality Spyro game.

  • Must...resist...urge to...aaaargh-*** YOU, ACTIVISION!!

  • I like the idea, its perfect for kids, really! Toys for RL and to use in-game! brilliant idea! For the gameplay and if it will be good, just have to wait and see for that! But kodos for thinking outside the box!
  • I hate new Spyro's voice. The entire Idea of this new Spyro is stupid. I want to see another one continued after the last reboot trilogy.
  • Spyro R.I.P.

    The trailer was good made me want the game but then it put the whole toys thing into the equation and I just thought "Ugh.."; the Toy part of it, in my eyes is going to stop a lot of people... It also stops people from renting it so I cannot see this doing well... Perhaps this is the final nail in Spyro's coffin? It is a shame, Spyro is a good character and the story is written by people who worked on the original Toy Story.

    It could work though, seeing as it is testing well with kids(target audience), but I can see this Toy gimmick(although new and fresh) being a burden over this game; especially if they throw on the usual £40 to £50 price tag; quite a lot if you need to own some of the characters to progress.
  • Certainly going out on a limb with this formula... I'm not in touch with the success of marketing targeted towards kids these days, but this just feels like something that may have worked 5-10 years ago... not now.

  • I wish they'd just leave Spyro out of it.

  • What the *** ARE THEY DOING?!!!

  • OMG. Um, is this directed to an audience that is around 10 to 13 years old or something? It must be since it's being released for the Wii and 3DS. Aw C.R.A.P. Well if it is, then I have nothing useful to say, other than that I'm too furious to say what I really want too and I have an urgent feeling to play The Legend of Spyro for the PS2 right now.
  • Isn't that the voice of Zim?
  • What the hell?!! Players have to collect toys play video games? Hopefully, this doesn't give any other game developers any dumb ideas. I'm wondering, if the kids nowadays will even care for something like this.
  • That's not the Spyro I remember... :'(

  • There goes the image of a perfect childhood game-serie...

  • Since when spyro talks?God my childhood game is ruined.
  • I actually don't think it looks too bad. But I still don't think it should be a Spyro game. They're just using Spyro to get people's attention. It would probably fail without him, even though it doesn't look anything like him.....

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