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Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants Dated, New Character Unveiled

Skylanders Giants is coming this October, and Activision has released a clip featuring a new character. Swarm, one of the new giants, is an anthropomorphized wasp. His interests include pushing blocks, hurling boulders, and picking on people much smaller than he is.

OK, maybe Swarm is actually a bee. Or a yellowjacket. How should I know? Do I look like some kind of entomologist? 

For more information on the game, check out our interview with producer Alex Ness. He has some very interesting ideas about dinosaurs.

Skylanders Giants is coming out October 21 on the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, and 3DS.

[via CVG]

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  • Yea new stuff I must buy

  • Is it me, or is Activision going to milk Spyro to death like COD?
  • Isn't this the same as the other skylanders game but with different characters?

  • What has Spyro come to? The childhood game I used to love on the first playstation has now completely sold out and is barely in the game that has his name in the title.
  • We need a proper platforming spyro game.
  • Man Activision is making loads of money off this concept. I would prefer a more traditional Spyro game. Those were great.

  • I hope they change it so if you're playing co-op, both accounts can get achievements. I played through the story with my wife, using her account as the main account and I didn't get a single achievement for it. Sucks that I now have to go through it all again to get them myself.

  • Swarm looks pretty bad a**.

  • Mod


  • So it's an entirely different game? I thought it was just more toys.

  • He looks cool.

  • the toys look like the kind of Pokemon that are maybe look-a-likes due to Pokemon becoming a hit Role playing Game brings games trying to be like a pokemon game.


  • cool

  • My son will love this one!!!

  • Gigantinormous

  • Kotaku wanted this guy to be called "Bee-hemoth". Kotaku comes up with better names than Toys for Bob:)

    It's still unbelievable to me that they refuse to add jumping and platforming elements to this game. Where's the Vicarious Visions' developed 3DS version? I want to see that one - THAT ONE is a platformer.