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Skylanders Giants

Want To See A Couple Of New Skylanders? You're In Luck

Even though it may not have attracted as much attention as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Activision showed off Skylanders Giants at E3. We snapped pics of two of the new characters, and you can see the for yourself.

Skylanders has been a huge sales success for Activision, so the fact that developer Toys for Bob has been working on a follow-up should come as no surprise. In Skylanders Giants, players can control a batch of larger heroes (after buying the figurines, of course). We interviewed the game's producer about the sequel not too long ago, and you can check it out here

First, take a gander at Crusher. He wields an appropriately large hammer, and he's able to freeze enemies with his laser vision. Don't ask how that works.

Then we have Shroomboom. He comes equipped with a slingshot that shoots mushrooms. On the defensive side, he can block attacks with a special shroom shield. Again, don't ask how that works.

Look for Skylanders Giants this fall. In the meantime, look at the new trailer below. Toward the end, you'll get a look at all 40 new figures!

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  • I miss Spyro.

  • Crusher looks cool.

  • i really love the concept of Skylanders, and the game was fun but they needed to release free DLC expanding levels/ level caps before bringing in a whole new game. they lost me (but i'm sure they have a ton of kids chomping at the bit to get the new ones).
  • My son loved the fist game. It hit my wallet were it hurts buying all those figurines. He is looking foward to giants, but my wallet isnt.
  • cant wait for them

  • GREAT! Skylanders Giants in 2013. yes! Brazil
  • Wow! Thsi game looks great! I can't really see a skylanders game that isn't great though. I can't wait for the release!

  • Wow those are... Giant

  • the trailer made me want to go out and buy them all

  • I LIKE BIG!!

  • shroom boom!! nice

  • ShroomBoom is ridiculously cute! :)  There are alot of Skylanders that beat Pokemon in cute factor, and he's one of them. :)

  • I need more money

  • sooooo sick!!!! i want popfizz cus he is excatly like me! im powerless without my coke-a-cola :)