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Skylanders Giants

What Skylanders: Giants Offers Returning Players

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure came out less than a year ago, so we can understand if you're a bit skeptical about what the sequel will entail. Our E3 demo of Skylanders: Giants outlined just what the new title is bringing to the series.

Greater Difficulty:
Toys For Bob said that one of the most common requests from Skylanders players is a greater challenge, and as such Skylanders: Giants will feature different difficulty levels to accommodate the casual and hardcore alike.

More Secrets and Collectibles:
Collecting is a core concept of the Skylanders series, and Toys For Bob is pushing our completionist tendencies to the limit with more collectible items and secret areas. The demo contained a secret cave that required players to push down a block from later in the level in order to gain access to it.

Better Elemental Zones:
Spyro's Adventure contained elemental zones, areas of levels that were restricted to Skylanders figures of the same element type. This time around elemental zones are even bigger, and feature more distinct art styles. An undead zone in the demo was clad in darkness and contained a gate made of out bones to keep out the living.

Increased Level Cap:
Skylanders: Giants will increase the level cap from 10 to 15, ensuring all of your old figurines will get some use in the new game. Then again...

Lots More Figurines:
Skylanders: Giants will feature plenty of new characters to collect. There will be eight Giant figurines (which are bigger than normal characters and can use in-game objects that are too large for smaller characters), eight Light Core characters (whose figurines contain glowing parts), and 24 Series 2 figures (which feature new poses and upgrades). Additionally, there will be eight brand new characters, so you better start saving up your money.

Skylanders: Giants is currently scheduled for release this October.

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  • FIRST!!!!
  • I will not be the first, or SECOND for that matter, to get this. Seriously, I hate this franchise.
  • Sorry, but not enough for me

  • I want that new spyro dead.
  • I hate this franchise with a passion. My brothers are addicted to it. It's all they talk about, literally. I hope this game does terrible and Activision loses so much money.

  • Haha, everyone here hates it.

    This is a game I'd want to rent to check it out, but that's not possible with all the figures and such.
  • Seems unimportant, but I'm glad that they are improving it instead of just adding new toys.

  • I think we all agree that this game is generally aimed at the younger age group who don't realize the money-making machine Skylanders is...

  • Am I the only one who actually loves the Skylanders concept? MY kids love it, and it's a game I can play with them that doesn't make me want to stick my head in a blender. Plus, collecting Skylanders makes for a pretty fun outing as we go out and hunt for the elusive Skylanders that sell like hotcakes. Maybe it's a money grab on EA's part, but for the fun I've had with my three boys with this game, it's money well spent.
  • I want a platformer. How could that not have been feedback thrown at the first game? If it has Spyro's name on the box somewhere, there should be a jump button! Vicarious Visions' gets it, as their 3DS version of the last one WAS A PLATFORMER.

    C'mon Toys for Bob. I want to like this - it's colorful, really good looking, has solid gameplay apparently, etc. - but man. Just give me a platformer. A top down hack-n-slashy game is silly; don't you realize people want to explore these worlds you designed?

  • Wham Shell, please and thank you.

  • The more I read about Skylanders the cooler it actually sounds. I wish it would have been out when I was younger, because deep down I want to play it.
  • i'm totally interesting in leveling up my characters (i only have the three that came with the game), and would even think about buying more characters... if it was DLC for Skylanders. the fact that you'd have to buy a new Skylanders AND a new game takes me out of this race. should have made free (or cheap) DLC for the first game. that would have made me invest in more characters. but now they've lost me.
  • My grandson and I can't wait until it is released. Right now we have 10 of the figurines and plan on getting at least 2 from each element because we play like a tag team using 2 figurines of the same element and change out as needed. Oh and by the way he will be 18 but my 2 year old grandaughter also loves the game!