Skulls of the Shogun does something that not many strategy games attempt to do in this console generation.  It seeks to entertain you and enable the player to really play around with the mechanics in the game without getting technical. 


Skulls takes you back to a time in the 16 bit era where top down grid based strategy games were a bit more common place a la Shining Force.  Games like Shining Force were simpler and massive undertakings that didn't feel like they took themselves as seriously as a Fire Emblem.  This title manages to hold the feeling of those types of games and yet find a new place with online multiplayer. 


One of the biggest things I would champion for this title is the multiplayer component.  Even with games like X-COM the multiplayer wasn't something immensely popular however Skulls is so simple and yet deep that you can't wait to see how your opponent will react to your moves.  This is even better as you discover all the finer details of how you can command your army with your limited number of commands per turn. 


The storyline is genuinely entertaining and seemingly mocking the tone of old 1970's martial art movies with film grain on the sides of the screen and all.  Playing as the mighty General Akamoto and his quest to get out of the afterlife is not truly compelling, but the developers really throw you into the game and slowly let the exposition unfold as you are playing. 


This title warms my heart to see that the feeling that this game drives across is not lost and titles like this will find it's own niche to rule.  Between the entertainment value, simple and yet complex execution as well as the asynchronous multiplayer across all windows devices - It is hard to find a title that does anything quite like Skulls of the Shogun.