Fighting games are defined by their controls if a fighting game doesn't play well and doesn't have tight responsive controls it isn't worth anything no matter how good everything else is the developers behind Skullgirls understands that. But they also understand that everything else makes it even better. Skullgirls plays great and looks damn good doing it

Skullgirls all female cast of fighters all work and all feel very unique and fun to play. All of their simple combos are easy to do while bigger combos are a bit more complex. Making all the fighters easy to learn but hard to master. All them feel a little different so while one fighter excels at range attacks another may have barely any at all. I only wish that the roster of fighters was a bit larger.

This games fighters look fighters look terrific not only in their overall design but also in their animation. Considering that all of it is hand drawn it's amazing how good and smooth it looks when they attack or move. The backgrounds aren't nearly as well drawn as the fighters but they still look good. Furthermore the music in this game is really cool and classy and sounds great.

The games setting is also very cool and creative. Set in a city filled with humans and animal like creatures. The setting really gives me a noire like feeling. Overall the game is great.