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Three New Characters Incoming

The first male character for the indie fighting game Skullgirls Encore received a new trailer today, via a post on the PlayStation Blog. Big Band is joining the fight for free on April 22.

Big Band uses a variety of music-based attacks by attacking with myriad different instruments. The post by CEO of Lab Zero Games Peter Bartholow descries Big Band as a “high risk/high reward sort of character,” that is able to dish out tons of damage, but leaves himself open to attacks while doing so.

On April Fools Day, a new character named Fukua – humorously introduced as a clone of Filia– was introduced. Bartholow states that, “the joke was that Fukua wasn’t a joke,” and she is currently being tested in the PC beta. Skullgirls fans can expect Fokua to hit the PlayStation 3 version in the coming weeks for free.

There is another free DLC character coming to Skullgirls Encore, and the blog post gives a sneak peek at her. Eliza is an Egyptian-themed lounge singer who can manipulate blood and has a parasite instead of a skeleton, which can leap from her body and attack opponents. She is still in pre-production, but a gallery of her animations was included in the post on the PlayStation Blog.

Sadly, there is no news yet on when Skullgirls Encore is coming to the Xbox 360. Skullgirls was taken down from the PlayStation Network store and Xbox Live store last year when its co-publishers parted ways. According to a recent tweet from the Skullgirls twitter, it is trying to get approval from Microsoft for the 360 version. Another tweet reveals that Microsoft was wary of legal issues with Skullgirls, and the developer needed to halt testing to fix an issue.

But don’t worry, not all hope is lost: a third tweet from the Skullgirls’ twitter account teases that news about “other platforms” is coming very soon. There’s no word on if this is in reference to the 360, or if Skullgirls Encore is going to appear on a new platform – such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Skullgirls Encore is currently available for PS3 and PC. Its previous DLC character, Squigly, is free until May 6.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Whaaaaaaa

  • I wanted Panzerfaust.

  • Mod

    Woah, that is so jazzy!

    I approve this new character!

  • Why would they add a male character to Skull"GIRLS"? Makes no sense.

  • Of course in a game which features strong female characters they just HAVE to add a guy. First they hire a porn animator to work on this game, now this? This has to be some of the most misogynistic news I've heard in a while...
  • I mean... are you really 100% sure it's a dude? Girls have deep voices too yo

  • Oh my god thats amazing
  • Initially i thought having a guy in a game called "Skullgirls" was fairly dumb and went against the whole idea of the game.

    But dat Muzak.

    He gets my vote.

  • His fighting style is like MUSIC to my ears...

    Okay, but wow, NEVER expected for a guy to be in Skull Girls.

  • Dig dig dig diggity dawg

  • The trailer was different and comical at some point I might get this. The free characters I will download though.

  • So why is there a male in a game called Skullgirls? That is like putting a playable male in Cy Girls or Girl Fight.
  • Let's get a PS Vita release!!

  • I looked up the new female characters and its just more giant boobed fanservice women. I will stick to playing Blazblue Chronophantasma where every female is not giant breasted and a good portion of them wear non revealing outfits...... Oh yeah and the gameplay is better too :)

  • Mod
    So some of you fellas are confused as to why they would have a man in a so-called "all-girls" fighting game because of the title. You guys would probably understand the "Skullgirls" stories. (For some of you who owned and played the game)
  • I'm okay with this, but I thought the point of Skullgirls was to have an all-female cast?
  • he's so fking broken....i love him.

  • Can I keep hoping for The Baz?
  • I think he's one of the most original characters in fighting game i've ever seen (not that i've played a lot of different ones though)

    He seems really cool to me.

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