Hi! Im fishinapredicament23, and i'm going to share a few Singularity mutiplayer tips for creature persons.


Phase Tick: When playing as a phase tick, try to stay away from groups of soldiers, unless one has little health and you want to risk death. Also, try to stick to walls and ceilings, as they are your main advantages when soldiers are to busy looking in front of them to look up. And if you're going for the trophy, In Yo' Face, to speed up the process of possesing 15 soldiers, exit the body quickly after possessing it so you're not wasting time as a soldier.

Zek/Zek fiend: As a Zek, try not to rely on barrels much, as they take alot of energy and can be very inaccurate. While we're talking about energy conservation, you should try to phase out only in open areas or small areas with soldiers. Melee can be powerful, but try to hit soldiers in the back, as it does more damage and keeps you safe from sed soldier's guns. If you're a giving person, attack a soldier bieng attacked by a tick as it can speed up its progress.

Revert: Take time to put down mines, but no more than two, it will cause the first to explode, patience is a virtue, after all. Because of revert's slow speed, try not to run towards a far-off soldier. They will have alot of time to retaliate that way. When it comes to puke, for once, let 'er rip. Revert vomit can heal teammates and damage enimies. But don't use all of it, it's not infinite. In some situation though, melee might be a better solution.

Radion: One of the most important things i found as a radion, stay out of large spaces. You are obviously a huge target, so go into open scaces only when you have full health. Remember you can somehow shoot lasers as a giant bug, so fire at will, but again, conserve your energy. Use melee when three feet away, not a giant bomb thing.