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  • Blog Post: Bullet Hell Made Manageable

    Bullet hell shooters appeal to a very specific crowd. It’s a genre that requires patience, lightning-quick reflexes, and the ability to memorize and recognize bullet patterns at a moment’s notice. With Sine Mora, Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have created a shooter that can... More
  • Blog Post: A Shooter For The Rest Of Us

    If you do a YouTube search for “bullet hell,” you can see some incredible examples of gaming precision. In this genre of arcade-style shooter, the screen is deluged in enemy fire, requiring players to move around the playfield with pinpoint precision. It’s also a genre that requires... More
  • Blog Post: Teaser Trailer For Suda 51's Sine Mora

    Last fall at Gamescom, Suda 51 announced that he was making an XBLA/PSN shooter entitled Sine Mora. Suda and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture have just released the game's first teaser trailer. The footage doesn't show any of the shooter's gameplay, but the title's steam punk style... More
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