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Sine Mora

A Shooter For The Rest Of Us

If you do a YouTube search for “bullet hell,” you can see some incredible examples of gaming precision. In this genre of arcade-style shooter, the screen is deluged in enemy fire, requiring players to move around the playfield with pinpoint precision. It’s also a genre that requires a lot of practice and repetition to master. Digital Reality’s upcoming DLG Sine Mora is setting its sights square on a neglected market: folks who like shooters but don’t necessarily have superhuman skills. Read on to learn how they plan to tackle the problem.

First and foremost, getting hit by enemy fire in the side-scrolling game doesn’t cause physical damage to the player’s airplane. Instead, victory or defeat is determined by the relentless passage of time. A clock counts down at the beginning of the game, and if it hits zero it’s game over. Fortunately, players can do a few things to postpone that fate. Every enemy killed adds time to the clock. When enemy shots hit the player, bits of time are taken away.

Players can also manipulate time, slowing it down temporarily to dodge swirling patterns of bullets. If they rely on this too much though, they run the risk of not encountering enough enemies to feed the constantly dwindling clock.

Hardcore players can check out the arcade mode, which features leaderboards, combo chains, and all the accoutrements that a fan would expect. Casual players will still be challenged in the regular mode, though the task isn’t insurmountable. Sine Mora is also narrative driven, which is a decision to make players feel more invested in what’s going on in the game.

The game looks pretty good, with bright environments and a nice overall design. Machines are generally chubby little things, with armor plating held in place by visible rivets. There are seven levels in the game, and Digital Reality says that no assets are recycled from level to level.

One of the game’s highlights is the impressive boss machines. There are 13 of them in all, and they’re large, multifaceted beasts. In classic shooter fashion, players have to pick them apart piece by piece, dismantling turrets and cannons before going in for the kill. The bosses were actually designed by Grasshopper Manufacture, though the game itself was developed by Digital Reality.

The game is due out in January or February on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

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  • First block! There. I blocked it. No trolls
  • Hm. Pretty sure I've seen this concept before, but what's not to say that these guys can't do it better? Also a very pretty game, and I like the idea user-friendly shooters. That trailer also came across as very sinister to me. I like it.

  • Looks colorful, stylized and slick. I'm not really getting what kind of game I'm looking at here but that's cool for now I guess.

  • "The bosses were actually designed by Grasshopper Manufacture, though the game itself was developed by Digital Reality."

    I was wondering what the Grasshopper connection was since I recall seeing Suda's name attached to this.

    Looking great for a DLG, and the idea behind the game is novel one. A shooter where your goal isn't to not get shot, but rather to make sure...you shoot? Amazing. But really, I'll be keeping an eye out for this.

  • Im gonna go ahead and guess its a aircraft shooter

  • I'm digging the narration.

  • Sounds interesting.  I'll check out the demo.

  • wait, 7 levels and 13 bosses?

  • "Behind every war there is a holy purpose" - Yup Ramza got to experience that first hand XD

    Interesting concept tho.

  • It looks cool, but without seeing any gameplay, I can't say whether or not I'll actually play it.

  • I don't think it takes superhuman skills, or a lot of repetition, to play a bullet-hell shooter. It just takes hand-eye coordination. Gamers today are such wussies. If a game looks cool; try it. And few games look cooler than a good bullet hell shooter like Chaos Field or Ikaruga. Just give it a shot; who cares if you die. SHOCKER; not everyone is instantly good at everything! Sometimes you must TRY AGAIN! Oh noes! I hate it when game journalists or gamers complain about supposedly difficult games. Anything that isn't an uber-linear, heavily checkpointed, focus-group approved, lowest common denominator, mass market-style, easily forgettable modern military shooter instantly seems to be railed against for being "too hard".
  • "Behind every genocide there is a philosophy." "Behind every war there is a holy purpose." Couldn't disagree more. I know this is a game, but still.
  • this would upset some people that survived or lost people to the genocide.Like some peoples i know.I urge gi to remove this
  • I looks like flying around exploring this world is going to be fun.

  • The new details definitely have put this on my watch list.  I like the concept of not being able to truly "die", can't wait to hear more.