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Great game, but so-so sequel

From what I've played so far of Sin & Punishment 2, GI's review is pretty much spot on. The visuals are delicious (and the frame rate solid), the action nonstop and the arcadey goodness is intense. My only complaint is that it doesn't feel like Sin & Punishment much at all now that the characters fly and a LOT of this seems to take place in the air. Instead, bizarrely, it feels like a new Space Harrier -- which is cool. I just bet SEGA's seeing this in action and kicking themselves for not partnering with Treasure to do such a game in the first place. I mean, I doubt it'll light up the sales charts -- Wii games barely get exposure from mainstream gaming sites for some reason, and hardly any advertising --, but it'll likely sell better than whatever SEGA's schilling out these days. Unfortunately (Don't worry SEGA; Sonic 4 and Colors should do bank!)

Awesome game so far. Just doesn't feel like a new Sin & Punishment...

  • My favorite Wii game of all time

    This has a insane story, awesome graphics, really great sound (even the game over screen), index-finger killing gameplay, lots of entertainment, and high replay value ( 35 stages with all modes). 10 out of 10