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A major dissapointment for newcomers and especially diehards

Thanks a lot, EA. You just messed with the wrong franchise.

At least we don't have to BUY it with your stupid Origin "service". The Origin account and constant internet connection are VERY stupid choices to make and will make this game fail miserably. The "Multiplayer" isn't a valid excuse either. What if some of us don't want to be ALWAYS on stupid Multiplayer where we build cities near those of people we never met in our lives? Come back when you've made a decent game, EA.

By the way, it didn't help to disgrace the 1989 classic by naming this one after it.

-SirLagsalott, former SimCity fan

  • Haha, accidently put my name with double "T"s.

  • YES!

    Civitas announced, basically SimCity 5 without always-online requirements, and with encouraged mods and the kickstarter just released! Find the GI article about it.

  • What a great review...[insert slow clap]. I must commend your inability to also distinguish publisher from developer.
  • HAHAHAH! Nice review.

  • You know you can make a server private and play alone right?.. claim as many cities as you want and play by yourself.
  • Let me sum up your review. Online only? Boo, zero stars.

    Please keep these horrible uninformed whiny reviews on metacritic.

    Thank you.

  • It doesn't sound like you've even played the game.

  • This isn't a review.  This is just you b*tching about the game always being online.  Is the actual game any fun?  What are its strengths?  Weaknesses?  Is there any replayability?

    You can complain about the crappy online services all you want, but if you're going to write a review on it, then this is the wrong way to do it.