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  • Blog Post: Building On Unstable Ground

    When people go on vacation, they occasionally become so attached to their exotic destinations that they want to stay forever. The unfamiliar streets and strange customs promise exciting new experiences far more attractive than the day-to-day drudgery back home. However, popular vacation destinations... More
  • Blog Post: What You Need To Know About The Latest From Maxis

    SimCity releases on March 5, which means that the game is in the final stages of development at the Maxis offices in Emeryville, California. In fact, it's so close to release that we got to sit down and play it for five hours straight. This extended hands-on time gave us a better sense of SimCity... More
  • Blog Post: Reinvention And Renovation

    The SimCity name inspires fond memories for many gamers, regardless of which of the four main installments they have played the most. Wherever your SimLoyalty lies (personally, I’m a fan of SimCity 2000), the latest SimCity combines elements of your favorite entry with new features to ensure your... More
  • Blog Post: A Behind Closed Doors Look At Maxis' City Builder

    SimCity has been out of the limelight for awhile, but now it's poised to return with many enticing features. The first thing called out in the demo is the fact that the cities all have people and vehicles zipping about all with real places to go and things to do. The devs exhibited this by laying... More
  • Blog Post: Maxis Shows Off New SimCity Screens

    Update: The latest SimCity trailer has been added, so you can see the game in action – including a glimpse of the ever-popular monster disaster. Original story: Though EA's press conference for E3 didn't contain much in the way of mind-blowing SimCity information, these new screens should... More
  • Blog Post: SimCity Interview: Building On Classic Foundations

    At the mere mention of SimCity, many gamers get nostalgic gleams in their eyes as they recall the hours spent building virtual metropolises. Considering how long the series has been dormant, some people thought that SimCity would remain relegated to the realm of nostalgia, but EA and Maxis revealed a... More
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