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Maxis Shows Off New SimCity Screens

Update: The latest SimCity trailer has been added, so you can see the game in action – including a glimpse of the ever-popular monster disaster. 

Original story: Though EA's press conference for E3 didn't contain much in the way of mind-blowing SimCity information, these new screens should keep fans happy. 

The images below showcase some of the standout features in the SimCity reboot, including disasters, curvy roads, and city specialization. After you're finished browsing through the screens, you can read our Q&A about the game while you're waiting for more details to emerge from the E3 show floor. 

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  • Is it bad that I can't wait to flood my city of 1.1 million when this game comes out?
  • PC gaming really is starting to grow on me... I am quite excited for this
  • Well, at least it looks better than ever. I personally haven't played a sim city game since SC2000. I enjoyed and played around with it for years. This new one might be worth the purchase.
  • Im gonna make the people mad and then destroy everything

  • Time to set some "natural disasters" on these people! :D

  • certainly looks good

  • I'm still a little cagey about the whole online-only thing... but this game is looking epic.
  • Gameplay showing a city being destroyed please!

  • This looks better and better!

  • looking good, this was such a fun franchise

  • Godzilla is coming to town!

  • That's great, NATURAL DISASTERS, awesome!

  • Loving the way this looks.

  • First screenshot: looks like the 99 percenters are occupying SimCity lol

  • Looks good.

  • Gah! This game is looking so good. Too bad I probably won't get it for two reasons.

    1. It's always online, (not a major reason, but i'd like to be able to play whenever)

    2. You only get ONE city! I really cannot believe this. This game has always been about the sandbox aspect of building a city then destroying it. And now you're telling me I can only have one castle in my sandbox? That's the most *** decision I've ever heard.

  • I want this!

  • I want this! :D


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